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We are a full service outfitter

Full and 1/2 Day River Trips

Located on the Yadkin River in the Historic Village of Rockford, heart of the Yadkin Valley.


Day trips are self guided

1/2 Day Trip: We will shuttle you from our Rockford access up river to the Yadkin/Shore Access (Crutchfield). The shuttle from Rockford access is approximately 7.5 miles with a time of 10-15 minutes. You will then paddle 5.1 Miles down river (approx. 2 hours) ending at our Rockford access. Total trip time is approx. 3 hours.

Full Day Trip: We will shuttle you from our Rockford access up river to the Elkin/Crater Park Access (Elkin). The shuttle from Rockford access is approximately 13.3 miles with a time of 20-25 minutes. You will then paddle 15.7 down river Miles (approx. 5 1/2 hours) ending at our Rockford access. Total trip time is approx. 6 hours.

*** Mountain View Full Day Trip: We will put you in as a group at our Rockford access. You will then paddle 11.8 miles down river (approx. 5 1/2 hours) ending at the Yadkin Island Access (Pilot Mtn State Park, East Bend). We will load the trailer with boats and gear, shuttle back to our Rockford access (approx. 12 miles) with a time of 20 minutes. Total trip time is approx. 5-6 hours.

Fisher River / Yadkin River Combination: Paddle several miles of the Fisher River which will end and join the Yadkin River, you will then continue down the Yadkin River for 3.3 miles to our Rockford Access. Call for more details. (Depending on water levels in the Fisher River)

*** Total trip time may vary due to a waiting period for all paddlers to arrive at this access, and the amount of time needed to load boats and gear. Paddlers who arrive at this access first, will have to wait for others to arrive before the return trip by shuttle to Rockford. You will leave as a group from Rockford and you will return as a group.

WHAT TO BRING WITH YOU: SHOES: (River or Tennis Shoes) NO FLIP FLOPS ALLOWED; Change of Clothes; **Hat; **Sunscreen; **Bug Repellent; Towel; Allergy and other Medications that you may require. ** Available in our shop


Canoes, Kayaks and Sit on Tops

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Enjoy a relaxing day on the Class 1 Yadkin River. Perfect for beginners and the accomplished veteran as well. If you are planning a trip contact us and we can provide you with all the necessary information. Click on our Release Form, to view our rules and regulations. You can call for reservations and bring this form with you the day of your trip.

Located directly across from Yadkin River Adventures is Rockford General Store and Grill open 7 days a week.

Click here to visit Rockford General Store

The grill can prepare for you a picnic which can include hot or cold sandwiches, drinks, snacks, ice and other necessities you may need while on your trip. No alcohol or tobacco products sold. Public restrooms are available.

Menu: Hot Dogs, Corn Dogs, Hamburgers, Bologna, Ham, Turkey, Chicken Salad, Club, Pimento Cheese, BLT, Country Ham, French Fries and more.

(We highly encourage you NOT to paddle alone)

Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Children from 11-18 must have a parent/guardian sign the Release form prior to the trip and must be accompanied by an adult.

If you have your own boat we can accommodate you!

Shuttle service is available for customers with their own equipment.

Personal Flotation Devices and Paddles are included in the price of your rental and must be worn on or near the river at all times.

Yadkin River Adventures is conveniently located and in close proximity to other area attractions such as: Rockford General Store, Rag Apple Lassie Winery and Vineyards, Stony Knoll Vineyards, Flint Hill Vineyards, Shelton Vineyards, Mt. Airy (Mayberry), Pilot Mountain State Park (Mount Pilot), Fisher River Park, Dr Flippins Bed and Breakfast, Rosie Joe's Guest House, Silo Run Golf Course, Richmond Hill Law School, Elkin, Forsyth County, Yadkin County, Stokes County, Mitchell River, Fisher River, Ararat River and numerous other venues that you may enjoy after your adventure on the river.

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